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This April, We Are Models are partnering with Swift Fitness to help you ramp up your fitness and become a better you in 30 days. Our April fitness challenge runs for 30 days, and includes free bootcamp sessions with Swift Fitness twice a week – to help you get your body moving with a big smile on your face.

Here’s what you need to do to take part.

Step 1: AMRAP Workout 3 times/week

AMRAP has been hugely popular in the crossfit and bootcamp industry over the past few years. It stands for As Many Rounds As Possible – which should tell you that it’s pretty intense! It’s a high intensity interval training workout, which means it burns fat super quickly in a short space of time.

To take part in the April fitness challenge, you should do the following exercises three times a week. Simply set a timer for 15 minutes (warm up for 5 minutes first) and see how many of these rounds you can do. Don’t forget to keep track.

Here are the rounds:

1 Star Jumps x 20

2 Push Ups x 8

3 High Knees x 20

4 Squats x 8

5 Mountain Climbers x 20

6 Burpees x 8

7 Sit Ups x 10

That’s it. Super simple, but extremely effective. You’re working virtually every muscle in the body with a workout like this, and targeting cardio, strength, and core work all in 15 minutes. You won’t find a more efficient way to get fit

Step 2: Attend the Bi-Weekly Bootcamps

We’re offering all We Are Models members FREE bootcamps with Swift Fitness throughout April, on every Monday and Thursday. Come along to as many of these as possible to take part in the full April fitness challenge. Sam will be putting you through your paces, and you’re going to start seeing results really quickly!

Step 3: Motivational Monday Selfie

After Monday bootcamp we’re asking all members to take a post-workout selfie, to show how you can workout and keep smiling. It’s motivational Monday folks, we want you to show the world how it’s done! We’ll be reminding you all at the end of the bootcamp too, so you definitely won’t forget.

Snap your selfie and upload to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Tag Swift Fitness (@theswiftfit) and We Are Models (@We_Are_Models; @wearemodelsofficial) and you’re good to go. We’ll be combing through for the best pics to share with our community – so crack out a smile and kick Monday off with a bang.

Step 4: Track Your Progress

Throughout the April fitness challenge you should be tracking your progress, so you can see how much fitter you’re getting as the days go by.

The best thing about doing an AMRAP challenge is that you can do it no matter what your current ability is and you can nearly always see a rapid improvement. Whether you’re running regular marathons or haven’t been near trainers in months, this workout will push you and help you improve quickly.

Note down how many rounds you achieve every time you do them, and post your results every Friday for our community to see, share and be inspired by. There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition to ramp up your motivation… Use the hashtag #FitnessChallengeResults and we’ll be going through to see how everyone is doing! We’ll remind you every Friday morning too, don’t worry!

Step 5: Celebrate!

We promise, if you stick to the full April challenge the results you’ll see will be reward enough… but hey. We can never resist a party. Join We Are Models at our Monthly Takeover on Thursday April 28 to celebrate and connect with other members. There are limited spaces but let us know you’ve signed up and we will save your spot!

We Are Models are all about building a community, so your April fitness challenge would definitely not be complete without a chance to sit down, share stories and have a great time together. Join us, and let’s all celebrate how far we’ve come!

Our April Fitness Challenge kicks off on (you guessed it) the 1st April. Follow us on social media to make sure you don’t miss a reminder, and let’s get this party started. The first bootcamp is on 4th April at Clapham Common, Greenpark and London Bridge. Bring yourself, plenty of water, and a kick-ass attitude. See you there, We Are Models members! Not a We Are Models member yet? Don’t worry – there’s still time to get on board. Join now to join in.