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Finding a model agency in London isn’t always easy, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult.

London is a huge modelling hub, which means thousands of models looking for agency representation. Some of the most prestigious modelling agencies in the world are London based – but how do you get them to look at you?

Our team have years of experience in the modelling industry, and have built relationships with some of the best agencies across the world. We asked them for their 3 top tips.

Looking for a model agency in London? Here’s how.

Know your Look

We’ve talked about this a fair bit before – but it can’t be emphasised enough. What you look like and what you can do will determine who will be right to represent you and which jobs you will be put up for. As international casting director Mark Summers said to us, “stop trying to play 16 if you’re 35. Know who you are, and what you can believably play”.

We’ve gone into a lot more detail about believability in our guide to building an amazing modelling portfolio, but in short, every model agency in London looks for models who can bring a brief to life.

Approach the Right Agencies

Once you know your look, the next step is to apply to the the right model agencies relevant for that look. Each model agency in London has different requirements and different preferences depending on who their clients are.

You need to understand exactly what that agency is looking for, or you’re wasting your time applying. You’re a product – it’s not about you personally, but about the product the agency are looking for at a given time. If you’re 5ft 5, you’ll probably never get signed by a fashion agency no matter how determined you are.

Tread carefully when deciding where to apply. The industry has traditionally been infamous for being so unregulated, and for every legitimate agency there are plenty of fakes looking to take advantage of aspiring models. You should never pay for an agency to accept you onto their books. They make commission from getting you work, so they should only make money when you do.

Speak to We Are Models

One of the services we offer our community members is our intelligent matchmaking service.

Because every agency has a very clear set of requirements based on who their clients are, how quickly you get signed and start booking jobs is based on putting yourself in front of the right people, and showing them what they want to see.

That’s exactly where we help. We’ll help you understand the agency’s requirements, match you to agencies whose requirements you meet, and show you how to market yourself in the way they want to see – to give you the best chances to find a model agency in London, or anywhere else.

Model Agency in London | We Are Models Consultancy

We speak directly to agencies, casting directors and key industry experts and leverage those relationships to get you in front of the right people.

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